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Acing the future
of covalent medicines.

Matchpoint is discovering precision small molecule medicines that harness the power of covalency to transform the treatment of immune diseases.



The power of covalency

The irreversible bond formed between a covalent medicine and its protein target imparts unique pharmacological benefits and greatly expands the number of disease-causing proteins that can be therapeutically targeted.

Expanding the
druggable proteome

Deployment of covalent molecules during chemoproteomics screening enables detection of allosteric, transient, and cryptic binding pockets that would otherwise be missed with traditional, high throughput screening methods.

Increased potency

The durable target engagement achieved by covalent molecules results in significantly improved potency over non-covalent approaches. This feature enables targeting proteins which are otherwise unamenable to small molecule intervention, including those with high affinity for natural ligands and those requiring near-complete modulation.

Greater selectivity

Covalent molecules form a bond to a protein through a single, reactive amino acid. When that amino acid is only present in the disease-causing protein, it allows precise targeting over other closely related proteins, including members of the same family and mutant over wild-type forms.

PK-PD decoupling

The prolonged duration of action of covalent molecules dissociates pharmacokinetics (PK) from pharmacodynamics (PD), an effect known as PK-PD decoupling. This property translates to sustained efficacy after metabolic clearance and achievement of therapeutic indices otherwise unattainable.

Industry-leading chemoproteomics

Matchpoint leverages a novel labeling technology to probe deeper into the proteome than historically possible to identify new binding sites on disease-causing proteins and to scan for proteome-wide selectivity of drug candidates across all stages of drug discovery. We deploy our high throughput cellular screening methods to prospect for selective binders in two complementary ways:

  • Agnostic chemoproteomic screening – identification of hits for maximum number of druggable proteins through expansive screening.
  • Targeted chemoproteomic screening – identification of hits for maximum number of druggable sites on high priority targets through focused screening.

Machine learning

Matchpoint utilizes machine learning to extract insights from extensive data sets — our proprietary chemoproteomics screens, publicly available data, and state-of-the-art predictors of protein conformation and protein-protein interaction — and design algorithms that:

  • Prioritize targets of interest for our covalent drug discovery efforts.
  • Guide medicinal chemistry and inform the design of our covalent screening library.

Evolving covalent library

Matchpoint is building a proprietary library of covalent compounds that range from fragments, which maximize the probability of identifying hits against cryptic pockets, to lead-like and drug-like compounds that require far less time and fewer resources to advance to the clinic.

Our library is continuously expanded and refined using insights from our predictive algorithms and growing understanding of the rules of covalency.

Who we are

Our core values serve as the foundation for everything we do.

Matchpoint brings together passionate drug hunters, deep technical experts, and seasoned company builders unified by the goal of developing precision covalent medicines that transform the lives of those impacted by serious disease.


We love what we do, we are bold, we create energy.


We are authentic, we do the right thing, we learn from successes and failures.


We build lasting bonds, we get involved, we take responsibility.


We make a difference, we combine our strengths, we create a legacy.

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Are you a match?

We are looking for passionate individuals who are ready to make their mark as part of a collaborative team. Take a look at our openings to see if you’re a match!



Board of Directors


Andre Turenne

President & Chief Executive Officer

Jared Cumming, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Christopher Hren

Vice President, Corporate Development and Operations

Mark Jedrychowski, PhD

Senior Director, Proteomics

Suresh Singh, PhD

Senior Vice President, Computational Sciences

Wei Li, MD

Vice President, Biology

Paul Renhowe, PhD

Vice President, Drug Discovery

Paola Castaldi, PhD 

Senior Vice President, Head of Platform and Chemical Biology

Bruce Booth, DPhil

Chairman; Partner, Atlas Venture

Dan Becker, MD, PhD

Director; Managing Director, Access Biotechnology

Edward Chouchani, PhD

Observer; Associate Professor, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School

Andre Turenne

Director; President & Chief Executive Officer

Jernej Godec, PhD

Observer; Principal, Atlas Venture

Christine Borowski, PhD

Observer; Vice President, Access Biotechnology

Luba Greenwood, JD

Observer; Partner, Binney St. Capital

Jason Hafler, PhD

Director; Managing Director, Sanofi Ventures

Chris Gagliardi, PhD

Observer; Director, Sanofi Ventures

Christine Brennan, PhD

Observer; Managing Director, Vertex Ventures HC

Nathanael Gray, PhD

Stanford University

Tinghu Zhang, PhD

Stanford University

Jianwei Che, PhD

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Edward Chouchani, PhD

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School


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